High-Tech production

Mechanical accuracy

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Mechanical finishing

Our machines enable highest accuracy for traditonal cold rolling steels as well as for modern special steels with highest wear resistance. We achieve tolerances within 1 µ and roundness within 1 µ. We can comply with all requirements for surface roughness including high brightness surfaces.


Heat treatment

Along with chemical composition, heat treatment is the main process influencing roll quality. Process stability is guaranteed through monitoring hardening parameters (times/temperatures) , applying calibrated test and measurement equipment. All process parameters are being documented. Our specially designed unique hardening furnaces are a key to the quality of our rolls. They guarantee optimum hardenability, hardness uniformity and internal stress distribution. Specific zones on a roll surface can be hardened to different specifications, depending on the application.


Mechanical technology and measurement equipment

Our machine tools are being maintained according to a strict maintenance scheme. Modernisations take place on a regular basis. This also applies to our testing devices, guaranteeing the required test accuracy. We cooperate closely with manufacturers of test and measurement equipment and , in specific cases , may develop our own test equipment.


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