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Primary material

Steinhoff only applies highest quality primary materials. Material specifications have been defined and are continuously being developed in order to exceed industry standards.

We make sure that hydrogen content in our materials is already at minimum level during ingot production. We also take care of highest material cleanliness and minimum retained austenite, as well as highest mechanical properties and fatigue resistance. We continuously monitor manufacturing processes at our suppliers' as well as in house.

Along with internal testing, we rely on external independent laboratories. We carry through audits at our suppliers' which includes personal discussions with their experts in order to make sure that people as well as technology remain qualified to supply our forgings. We apply the same stringent quality criteria to our suppliers of accessories.


In process quality control

Incoming product undergoes an 100 % quality test. We also apply in process quality control for mechanical accuracy, roughness, hardness and microstructure. Outgoing inspection includes an 100 % automated ultrasonic testing, ensuring every product leaving our plant fully satisfies our standards. All production parameters and quality control results are being electronically stored, enabling access even after many years of service.


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