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We are the expert for all roll related services

As a leading global supplier, we maintain close contact to our customers and we provide extensive technical assistance, along with supply of our rolls.


We can offer you an excellent grinding service: we grind cylindrically as well as with application of a crown. We also apply CVC- or other special profiles. These services are performed to the same standards as we apply for new rolls.

We also have a vast experience in grinding special materials.


We have an extensive experience in and are very well equipped to perform barrel as well as journal repair services, including repair of accessories.



Standard hardness testing, crack testing, ultrasonic testing. Determination of residual austenite and residual stress. Extensive failure analysis as a basis for optimisation measures.

Heat treatment

Steinhoff offers rehardening, as well as annealing and tempering services. We apply the same stringent quality criteria as for new rolls.



We offer extensive application training , either at our customers' premises, or in our Dinslaken (Germany) headquarters.


Cutting down/resleeving

This service enables continued use of a roll upon reaching its scrap diameter. Geometry permitting, worn rolls can be cut down into smaller size rolls for another application. Back-up rolls can be resleeved to restore original dimensions.


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