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Steel industry

Steinhoff is one of the leading manufacturers of rolls for wide and thin strip mills. We supply a full range of product for tandem, reversing reduction, and temper mills. Chemical analysis and heat treatment are defined in accordance with the requirements of each application : low carbon steels, tinplate, stainless steels, electrical steels, ...


Aluminium and other non-ferrous metal industries

We are the global market leader for rolling of aluminium strip and foil. We supply rolls for hot as well as cold rolling. Our primary hardening steels with chromium contents of 2-5 % in combination with our 'Total Barrel Hardening' technology guarantee homogeneity of microstructure and hardness profile.

Other applications

Rolling processes are a key factor in many industries. Steinhoff is a supplier to many of these applications, including wood processing and chemical.



Our roll materials

Primary hardening steels

We rely on a broad range of roll materials developed over the years, and will select the proper grade for your application.

PHS: ST2327, DHQ1, DHQ3, DHQ4, DHQ8, HP14, HR21, HR22

Secondary hardening steels and tool steels

These grades are characterised by high volumes of high hardness carbides, and by very high tempering temperatures. Tool steel (HSS) rolls are essentially manufactured by the powder metallurgy process.

High performance grades: HP45, HP52, HP60, HR53

Tool steels: HSS18, HSS23, HSS60, HSS69

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